Review: Dior’s Hydralife BB cream

What product am I going to review?

I am going to review the Hydralife BB Cream by Dior. I think this was my first BB cream. I’m not using this as much as I used to anymore because I feel like the shade isn’t matching my skin. But that’s the only thing because I do like the way it feels and the coverage. My shade is called ‘Sunny Amber’ and it has SPF 30 which might be exactly what you’re looking for!

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Dior’s Hydralife Beauty Balm is more specialized in protecting the skin and hydrating. If you’re looking for a BB cream or foundation that’s really gonna cover up your spots and acne, I wouldn’t recommend this one. This BB cream is for all skintypes and available in many shades, make sure you’ve got the right one. Mine looks a little ‘too orange’ on my face, since I already got a darker skintone.

Package + Feeling<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

Dior’s Hydralife BB cream comes in a grey triangular tube (50 ml) . The shade is indicated in a frame which says ‘BB cream’. The tube is quite small and tall, it also gives away some flamboyance. It does feel a little heavy on my face, like, I can definitely feel that I’m wearing something. But maybe that’s because I know I don’t have the right shade so it makes me feel uncomfortable.

What did it cost me? + Where can you buy it?

I didn’t buy this BB cream myself, I got it as a present. You can buy it online on Sephora, Dior and Amazon. I think the common price is $56 and €54. It’s quite expensive but let’s be real, it’s Dior. + There’s also a Hydralife eyecream with SPF 20 so if you prefer that, check this out! 

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This is a great BB cream and I’d definitely recommend it to people who’ve got a lighter skintone because it has 30 SPF and it moisturizes the face. Of course, if you live in a sunny area, I’d recommend this to all of you. But I do think there are cheaper alternatives with the same results. So if you find this too expensive (which I totally understand), there’s so many more!



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