Updated: review on Clinique brush

Hi guys, just wanted to let you all know I just updated my review on the Clinique cleansing brush because I ended up having some bad experiences with the brush, it started to malfunction and stopped charging etc.

I explained and described everything in the post and I’m writing about the new brush I bought, soo if you’re interested..

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Smokey in seconds

Smokey in seconds


Sole Society bucket bag
€59 – solesociety.com

Topshop white tank top
€7,74 – topshop.com

Rick Owens jacket
€1.150 – mytheresa.com

Miss Selfridge blue jeans
€48 – missselfridge.com

Bobbi brown cosmetic
€54 – saksfifthavenue.com

Bobbi brown cosmetic
€38 – saksfifthavenue.com

Lime Crime lipstick
€18 – dollskill.com

Bobbi brown cosmetic
€25 – harveynichols.com

Adidas sneaker
€73 – shopakira.com


Hi guys! 

As you guys might have noticed, my previous post was all about Smashbox. What exactly is Smashbox and why do I seem so obsessed with it? 

I have been using Sephora’s foundations and Dior’s BB-creams for a long time but since I can’t find any of these similar products in the Netherlands anymore, I figured it’s time to switch to another brand and try. out something new. I had in mind to buy M.A.C Cosmetics because a lot of celebs use these and it looks absolutely gorgeouson them. So last Friday I went to this shop where, I thought, they sell M.A.C products. My bad, they didn’t. I was kinda disappointed because I really needed a new foundation so the saleslady told me they did sell a similar brand called ‘Smashbox’.

Of course I had heard of this brand before but I didn’t know that these products were just as good; which should be quite neccessary because Smashbox foundations are even more expensive than M.A.C’s. The woman tried some products out on me (foundation, concealer and a setting powder) and the result was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t even believe that there was an actual foundation out there that really matched my skintone. 

The foundation cost 37,- and the concealer cost 23,-. I didn’t really ask about the setting powder because I haven’t finished my own yet (MUA). I was gonna buy the foundation for sure but mom told me to buy the concealer as well because it looked really good. So it would be 60,- in total but I had a gift card for 20,- which my friends gave me for my birthday so I also spent that. 

More about Smashbox

What’s this hype about Smashbox? Well, it’s similar to M.A.C cosmetics, made by the Factor-brothers (Max Factor) and currently a part of  Estée Lauder cosmetics. Smashbox had some starting problems because their former PR was drugged and raped by someone who happened to be a friend of the Factors. The brand struggled a lot to make its comeback and finally got famous for its primers. 

Smashbox cosmetics are especially made for photoshoots because they last longer and are oil-free and give a flawless skin-effect. 



Smashbox beauty product
€20 – sephora.com

Olivia Burton leather jewelry
€105 – selfridges.com

Chain necklace
€15 – bootlegger.com

Gold jewelry
€3,67 – yoins.com

Ted Baker black purse
€98 – poshgirl.us

Olive green top
€38 – jluxlabel.com

Smashbox foundation
€40 – mecca.com.au

Smashbox makeup
€29 – sephora.com

Urban Decay eye makeup
€22 – urbandecay.com

Nars cosmetic
€24 – net-a-porter.com

Physicians Formula concealer
€23 – amazon.com

Smashbox eye makeup
€19 – sephora.com

Smashbox lipstick
€18 – marissacollections.com

Denim legging
€22 – amazon.co.uk

Nike sneaker
€125 – farfetch.com

Review: Bobbi Brown’s brush-set & eyebrow palette

Hi guys! I thought it’d be time to write a review again…So in this post I’ll be writing about the Bobbi Brown’s brush-set and the Three Color Eyebrow Powder. I bought both products at the Emporium shopping mall in Bangkok.

<img src="image.png" alt="bobbibrown">


The brushes come in a black, soft case with the brand name ‘carved’ in it. These are the brushes:

  • Face blender
  • Blush
  • Foundation
  • Eyeshadow (2)
  • Ultra-fine eyeliner
  • Eyebrow
  • Concealer


On the last picture, I’m holding the face-blending brush. This is the brush I use the most, because I usually combine two shades of foundation.

I’m absolutely loving these brushes! They’re so, so good! I love the way they feel and they leave such a natural-look on my skin. Also, I can easily recognize them out of all my other brushes by its color.

Three Color Eyebrow Powder

I didn’t take any eyebrow-powder with me because I almost finished the one I had back then, so I thought I’d look for a new one in Bangkok. And I succeeded. But because of all the traveling and the rush, the eyebrow powder got a little damaged. Luckily, I can still use my favorite colors. The middle color looks really dark on my brows, so it’s not a good choice if you’d like to go for a natural (nude) look. But besides that, I love it. The little brush that came with the palette also works great!




Beauty Store That Only Sells Instagram-Famous Products

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

“If you don’t know what’s hot, you’re not paying attention.”

Have you ever heard of Richard Parrott? Me neither. Until I read this interesting article about him, it turns out that he owns a beauty shop in Soho. And he doesn’t sell casual beauty products you can buy at any drugstore, no. Richard Parrott only sells products that became famous through Instagram. Honestly, I think that’s a pretty cool idea. + The products aren’t even as expensive as you thought!

Richard Parrott is a 42 years old dad who happens to be really good at Instagram stalking. His shop is called Ricky’s NYC.

So how does Richard actually finds the most-famous products on Instagram? I don’t think it’s that easy, right?

“I open Instagram in the morning and fall down the rabbit hole. Say I’m following NYX Cosmetics, and they post a picture of a girl wearing incredible lipstick. If the caption says, “Thanks to so-and-so …,” I’ll click on that person. Then I start looking through their posts and find a picture of a lipstick that’s even better than the one they posted of NYX. I click on that one and see who liked it and just keep going. You click through ten different people and 20 different comments until you’re like, What is this brand? I’ve never even heard of them! That’s when we reach out.”

I’m convinced that this guy should write a book called: “The official guide for Instagram stalking” because that’s damn good. I think any girl could use this to stalk their exes, and his exes and his ex’s hot brother and go on…

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

Can we say that you’ll be carrying many Kardashian-endorsed products? 

Yeah. One example is this self-tanner called Cocoa Brown ($14) out of Ireland. I was already carrying it in Ricky’s before Kylie Jenner posted about it, and I vaguely remember the owner telling me she had some sort of connection to the Kardashians’ PR. Maybe that person gave the tanner to Kylie, who then used it and liked it. She posted a really realistic picture of herself in a bikini with Cocoa Brown off to the side with a caption like, “This is my favorite self-tanner.” They definitely didn’t give her a million dollars to do that, and people respond differently when it’s real. After that picture, I sold out of everything I had.

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

Too bad I did not know about Ricky’s NYC when I was in New York, damn. I think it would be a great success if he’d open more shops, for example….Europe? The Netherlands maybe..? Oh come on, just suggesting.

The best thing of Richard’s shop might be that he does not only sell make-up but also little accessories like phono cases, notebooks and those cute little must-have things because, let’s be honest, those are quite Insta-famous too.

While you’re being all excited about this shop, might as well check out Richard’s tumblr page!

I think I’m about to buy a plane ticket straight to New York because I. Must. Go. To. Ricky’s NYC. Now.


How to: Curly, frizzy hair

This post is dedicated to all the girls with curly, dry and frizzy hair. Believe me, I know what you’re going through. You get out of the shower, just washed your hair and it looks absolutely amazing!

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

You go for a walk, go to school or just don’t do anything for a while and POOF it’s like your hair just exploded.

I used to struggle with that too until this woman in the Hague told me about the brand ‘curls unleashed’.

“Curls Unleashed™ is a full line of products to help prep, style and maintain your natural curls.”

None of the Curls Unleashed products contain sulfates, mineral oil or SD alcohol and they are made with natural ingredients like safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter to help deliver the curl definition and moisturize your natural curls without any crunch or flakes.<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

The Curls Unleashed products aren’t very cheap in the Netherlands but I heard they’re affordable in the USA and the UK.

I currently use the Curl Defining Crème by Curls Unleashed (€16,80) and it works absolutely good! My hair doesn’t get frizzy anymore and my curls stay in place, just like I want.

I’m actually planning on buying the Curls Boosting Jelly (€16,40) too.

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

Of course, there are some basic rules you should follow to keep your hair healthy:

  1. If you dry your hair with a basic towel, there’s a 90% chance it’s gonna get frizzy. Try drying your hair naturally or with a t-shirt/cloth.
  2. Don’t wash your curly hair too much when it’s unnecessary. Wash your hair once or twice a week unless it’s getting oily or dirty.
  3. Don’t use a conditioner and shampoo in one, always use them separated.
  4. Many people with curly hair like to brush their hair in the shower or when it’s wet. I admit, I do that too because there’s no chance I can brush my hair when it’s dry. But watch out, when your hair is wet it’s more sensible and you could easily damage your hair if you don’t brush the right way.

If you got any more tips for curly hair, comment them below and I’ll add your tip right away (: