Looking for an internship abroad (2018)!

It has been quite a while since my last post (an entire summer actually) but not without a reason. You see, I recently started my second year of college and I’m literally drowning in  projects, assignments and presentations. It’s a lot but it will all work out eventually.


Alright, what’s up? Well, as you might know I’m studying International business and languages for my bachelor’s degree. The classes I’m taking teach me everything about marketing, sales, international business and business economics.

I’m currently looking for an internship (marketing / sales related) abroad, starting September 2018. I’d like to do my internship in an English-speaking country (The UK, USA…) 

If you’ve got any tips, tricks, suggestions or recommendations for me, please hit me up!

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How I spent my Christmas holidays..


It has been a while since my last post ( I feel like I start all of my new posts with this phrase, damn) but I spent like three weeks in Suriname with my family. Celebrated Christmas over there and flew back home on NYE, which means we celebrated it in the plane…We even got champagne and stuff and it was a fun experience (:

Before I continue, I’d like to wish all of you a happy new year! And I hope it will be a year full of new experiences, making new memories, love, happiness and new friendships..! giphy

Soooo, my holidays. First of all, a little background info. Suriname is a little country in South-America, in fact, right above Brasil. It’s very multi-cultural and my mom’s side of the family lives there.The mother tongue is Dutch, because of the history and colonies and stuff so it’s easy to communicate with the people over there.


Last day, saying goodbye to Nani..


We celebrated Christmas with presents and fooling each other. We changed Black Label into tea and watched my uncle freak out. And we put Nutella on my cousin’s boxers…By the way, don’t tell me that Christmas tree does not look freaking adorable, oh my god.


Going out with the family and I guess we just had to take a pic of Nani’s youngest grand-children. Yup, that’s us.


A few days before Christmas; my mom, aunt, little cousins and I went to this Christmas Wonderland thingy downtown. It was like a Christmas market with Gluhwein and Elsa, Mickey and Minnie Mouse in costumes. More pictures of this night will be posted soon :)


Bobbi Brown’s luxury brush-set


Today we went to Siam Paragon, one of the most expensive (but beautiful) shopping malls in Bangkok. A lot of tourists visit this shopping mall, not just because it’s a must-see but also because you can get 5 to 10% discount on world’s biggest brands.


Today I bought the Clinique Sonic System which I can actually buy for €125 in The Netherlands. In Siam Paragon I could get it for 4200 Baht, but because of the discount I bought it for 3600 Baht (€95).  I also got an extra brush (€20). I’ll write a review about the Clinique Sonic System when I get back home!

<img src="image.png" alt="text_to_describe_your_image">

I also bought the Bobbi Brown Luxury Brush set, including a black, soft beauty-case and 9 brushes:

  1. Foundation brush
  2. Face blender
  3. Eyeshadow brush (2)
  4. Eye shader
  5. Concealer brush
  6. Ultra-fine eyeliner brush
  7. Blush brush
  8. Eyebrow brush


“The right tools are just as important as the makeup itself.”
– Bobbi Brown

I’d love to write more but time’s running and I got a whole country to discover, bye!



Hey guys, 

I’ve been using the app Flink for a little while now and it’s absolutely amazing.

It’s some kind of a fashion app where fashion lovers and bloggers check out what’s new. 
Flink is a free app in the appstore, I’m not sure if it’s for Android too..

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or whatever and if you love fashion, I think you should definitely install this app and try it out. You’ll love it! 

flink-app Flink

1st blog anniversary

Happy blog anniversary!
It has been exactly a year since I started this blog. Woah, all my blogs before this one couldn’t even last for longer than a month..

Aaaand, I almost reached 100 followers and that kinda means a lot to me so thank you all so much (:

Have a nice day, guys!20140805-105927 AM-39567815.jpg