Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer, born in 1963.

He used to work as the creative director of Louis Vuitton (1997-2014). At the time he already had his own brand and he was the youngest designer to have ever been awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute: the Perry Ellis Award for “New Fashion Talent”. (After this award, he won 11 others in different categories)marcjacobs_icone

In May 2009, Marc co-hosted, with Kate Moss, a “model and muse”-themed gala for the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. 

As you can notice, he has worked in the fashion industry for quite a while and he got pretty successful already. In 2014 he made the decision to leave Louis Vuitton and focus on his own line.

Besides fashion, fragrances and accessories, Marc also started to sell beauty products (and it’s going pretty well!).


“The indefinable characteristics of his namesake label are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly frank and brilliantly outspoken perspective.” This quote comes from Marc’s own website and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this amazing brand.

Social media

Marc has, besides the official Marc Jacobs website,  his own site about himself where you can find pictures from his personal life, interviews, quotes, events he attended etc. It’s actually pretty interesting to take a look in someone’s life this way..


Marc Jacobs also has three Instagram accounts, one for the brand, for himself and for his dog (who he obviously loves more than anything). And believe it or not, each account is just as interesting and definitely worth keeping up with.


Marc by Marc Jacobs


Marc by marc jacobs sweater
€83 –

Marc Jacobs long sleeve blazer
€280 –

ALDO high heel stiletto
€74 –

Marc Jacobs shoulder strap bag
€455 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs LEATHER crown
€100 –

Marc Jacobs gold colored jewelry
€64 –

Marc Jacobs vetiver fragrance
€115 –


Ted Baker -Daisies

Ted Baker is a luxury clothing retailer, based in London. The brand is known for its floral designs with an eye for detail.

Ted Baker’s accessories and bags are usually marked with a little bow or heart which makes it easy to recognize the brand. 236236425

For Christmas, I bought myself one of their top 10 bags, the black Minacon
shopper bag (€41). This small bag has a cute bow on the front and a zipped department inside, it’s great for carrying essentials like a wallet, notebook and perhaps some make- up..


“Good things come in small packages”



Ted Baker t shirt
€62 –

T By Alexander Wang short skirt
€120 –

Ted Baker high heeled footwear
€190 –

Ted Baker leather handbag
€145 –

Ted Baker cuff bracelet
€74 –

Ted Baker crystal necklace
€40 –


Million dollar baby

Million dollar baby


Bustier top
€8,92 –

Rag bone distressed jean jacket
€370 –

Glamorous cuffed pants
€42 –

Jimmy Choo heeled sandals
€455 –

Mulberry crossbody purse
€630 –

Olivia burton watch
€91 –

Louis vuitton jewelry
€515 –

Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy


WearAll chiffon top
€23 –

LE3NO jacket
€21 –

Levi’s skinny jeans
€99 –

Tommy Hilfiger riding boots
€120 –

Prada tote bag
€1.940 –

Fossil jewelry
€280 –

Nars cosmetic
€25 –

Christian Dior flower perfume
€51 –


Updated: review on Clinique brush

Hi guys, just wanted to let you all know I just updated my review on the Clinique cleansing brush because I ended up having some bad experiences with the brush, it started to malfunction and stopped charging etc.

I explained and described everything in the post and I’m writing about the new brush I bought, soo if you’re interested..

Click here to go to the review





Miss Selfridge shell top
€72 –

Brown bomber jacket
€45 –

Glamorous high waisted ripped jeans
€34 –

Christian Louboutin metallic shoes
€835 –

DKNY leather tote handbag
€205 –

Michael Kors chains jewelry
€110 –

Michael Kors rose quartz jewelry
€105 –

Lime crime lipstick
€26 –


Brook candy


It’s been a while since my last post because I was busy with exams but I can finally say I’m on summer break (:

This collection is kinda beach-themed since I’m going to Miami in less than two months! To be honest, these retro kind of sunglasses aren’t really my thing so I’d rather stick with my Ray Ban clubround glasses…But I added this one for the sake of the outfit.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfy wearing fragrances from brands like Hugo Boss, Armani or Lacoste? Because they’re actually focused on fragrances for men and it feels so wrong, even though it’s for her.

Brook candy


Crew neck t shirt
€7,94 –

Topshop super skinny jeans
€71 –

Adidas Originals lace up shoes
€69 –

Chicnova Fashion canvas purse
€12 –

Marc Jacobs watch
€235 –

Bling Jewelry hinged bracelet
€25 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors tech accessory
€47 –

Retro glasses
€7,13 –

Mac cosmetic
€21 –

HUGO perfume fragrance