Pure System Lotion Clarifiante – Yves Rocher

What product am I going to review?

I am going to review the Pure System Lotion Clarifiante by Yves Rocher. This clarifying lotion also works great as a pore minimizer.

What are the results?

  • Cleanes pores intensive
  • Refines and smoothes the skin
  • Soothes red spots (pimples)

It does minimize my pores, which was a ‘must’ for me when I bought this lotion. It doesn’t really smoothe my skin because it actually feels dry. The lotion does calm red spots and visible pimples.

The package + feeling

The Pure System clarifying lotion comes in a blue-colored bottle (150 ml). The description on the back is only available in three languages (French, German and Dutch). The lotion has a lightweight feeling on my face but it does dry out my face. I don’t really mind that though because I’ve got quite an oily skin. I’d not recommend this if you’ve got a dry skin because it might be a little irritating.

How to use?

Apply every morning and evening on a cleansed face. I wouldn’t use this lotion as a moisturizer because it dries out my skin. You only need a little amount (so you can go pretty long with one bottle), it’s quite fluid. I use this lotion as a ‘treatment’ before applying my moisturizer. 

How much did it cost me + where did I get it?

The first time I got the Pure System Lotion Clarifiante, it was a birthday present. I think it took me exactly one year to finish one bottle. Then I bought it myself. It actually costs €10 but it was in sale so I got it for €5.

I ordered it on the Yves Rocher website. I’m not really sure if Yves Rocher ships products to countries abroad Europe but it’s available on webshops like Amazon. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this product (or at least not in this bottle) on Amazon.


I think the Yves Rocher Lotion Clarifiante is really good for people with an oily skin and acne. It’s not really made for a dry skin since it already dries out a lot. It doesn’t make your face smooth so I’d apply a moisturizer on top of this lotion. It’s very lightweight so you won’t even notice.

I hope this helped you out a bit, please comment below if you’d like me to review another product or if you’ve got any questions!



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