Brook candy


It’s been a while since my last post because I was busy with exams but I can finally say I’m on summer break (:

This collection is kinda beach-themed since I’m going to Miami in less than two months! To be honest, these retro kind of sunglasses aren’t really my thing so I’d rather stick with my Ray Ban clubround glasses…But I added this one for the sake of the outfit.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfy wearing fragrances from brands like Hugo Boss, Armani or Lacoste? Because they’re actually focused on fragrances for men and it feels so wrong, even though it’s for her.

Brook candy


Crew neck t shirt
€7,94 –

Topshop super skinny jeans
€71 –

Adidas Originals lace up shoes
€69 –

Chicnova Fashion canvas purse
€12 –

Marc Jacobs watch
€235 –

Bling Jewelry hinged bracelet
€25 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors tech accessory
€47 –

Retro glasses
€7,13 –

Mac cosmetic
€21 –

HUGO perfume fragrance


In this post I’ll show you how to combine one, simple dress with three different coats, bags and matching shoes. You can go for a classy style, with the fur coat and Michael Kors clutch. Or if you want to wear a ‘tough’ outfit, go for a black, leather jacket. These jackets are easy to match with anything. They’re a great option for every occasion. Would you rather keep it simple and warm? You might wanna go for a poncho. This one by Burberry is made of wool and cashmere and still looks stylish and classy. I chose the flats because it’s supposed to be a ‘simple’ outfit but nothing’s wrong with wearing your fave killerheels.NYE


Glamorous short dress
€44 –

Burberry outerwear
€1.390 –

IRO black leather jacket
€1.170 –

RED Valentino faux fur jacket
€555 –

Christian Louboutin black shoes
€695 –

Michael Antonio platform shoes
€31 –

Forever 21 shoes
€19 –

Lanvin clutch
€3.035 –

Yves Saint Laurent black handbag
€1.755 –

Kate Spade black handbag
€370 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors black handbag
€210 –

How I spent my Christmas holidays..


It has been a while since my last post ( I feel like I start all of my new posts with this phrase, damn) but I spent like three weeks in Suriname with my family. Celebrated Christmas over there and flew back home on NYE, which means we celebrated it in the plane…We even got champagne and stuff and it was a fun experience (:

Before I continue, I’d like to wish all of you a happy new year! And I hope it will be a year full of new experiences, making new memories, love, happiness and new friendships..! giphy

Soooo, my holidays. First of all, a little background info. Suriname is a little country in South-America, in fact, right above Brasil. It’s very multi-cultural and my mom’s side of the family lives there.The mother tongue is Dutch, because of the history and colonies and stuff so it’s easy to communicate with the people over there.


Last day, saying goodbye to Nani..


We celebrated Christmas with presents and fooling each other. We changed Black Label into tea and watched my uncle freak out. And we put Nutella on my cousin’s boxers…By the way, don’t tell me that Christmas tree does not look freaking adorable, oh my god.


Going out with the family and I guess we just had to take a pic of Nani’s youngest grand-children. Yup, that’s us.


A few days before Christmas; my mom, aunt, little cousins and I went to this Christmas Wonderland thingy downtown. It was like a Christmas market with Gluhwein and Elsa, Mickey and Minnie Mouse in costumes. More pictures of this night will be posted soon :)


Leather jacket dress

Will you believe that this dress is the cheapest item in this set? And the most expensive item? Gotta be the Miu Miu heels. Leather jacket dress

Polka dot dress
€15 –

Forever New moto jacket
€81 –

Miu Miu high heel shoes
€665 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather shoulder bag
€135 –

Samantha Wills bracelet bangle
€190 –

Forever 21 eye shimmer makeup
€7,27 –

Black & White

Black & white

Boohoo halter crop top
€18 –

Black circle skirt
€8,12 –

Converse black hi top
€70 –

Ray-Ban retro round glasses
€150 –

NIKE hair accessory
€14 –

Rimmel lipstick
€7,73 –

Marc Jacobs eau de perfume
€77 –

Curly hair care
€115 –

Sasha Mirov Glamour portrait
€14 –